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Check back often for news on harvest, winemaking, events and other fun wine-related things.

Scott Greenberg
November 21, 2020 | Scott Greenberg

COVID Changes

We've decided to stay open on Saturdays from 1:00-5:00 pm for wine purchases and pickups.  You can order online and we will have your wines ready for you during those hours or by appointment any day of the week.  Tastings will resume as soon as COVID restrictions allow.  Stay safe out there and remember to wear a mask!

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Scott Greenberg
November 10, 2020 | Scott Greenberg


Our Fall New Wine Release features three wines from the stellar 2018 vintage that are perfect matches for your Thanksgiving and holiday meals.  These wines will be available for tasting and purchase beginning November 14 from 1:00-5:00 pm at the winery. They are available now online.  Tasting reservations are recommended as we can only accomodate three groups at a time--use our Contact Us form to request your time and size of your group (in the "Comments" field). 

  • 2018 Mistral Grenache:  The 2018 vintage of Mistral is 97% Grenache from Red Mountain’s Ciel du Cheval vineyard and 3% Syrah from Coyote Canyon and Gamache vineyards.  This fresh wine features aromas and flavors of red berries, sweet tobacco, and lavender.  Aging was for 17 months in once-used American oak puncheon and barrels.  Retail $33.00 Wine Club $26.40-$28.05
  • 2018 Drizzle Pinot Gris: This new Drizzle is slightly drier (less sweet) than prior vintages.  With a kiss of 0.6% residual sugar, the 2018 Drizzle is from Red Mountain's Ciel du Cheval vineyard.  Dominated by aromas and flavors of pear, melon and characteristic Red Mountain wet stone, the wine finishes with bright lemony acidity.  There are only 38 cases of this wine that was fermented and aged in a temperature controlled stainless steel tank.  Retail $15.00  Wine Club $12.00-$12.75
  • 2018 Virga Red Blend: The 2018 Virga is a bold, smoky and spicy blend of 48% Mourvedre, 36% Syrah and 16% Grenache from Weinbau, Gamache, Ciel du Cheval and Coyote Canyon vineyards.  Aromas of blackberries, black plums, black currant, pipe tobacco, baking spices and pepper transition to thick, complex flavors of dark cocoa, roasted coffee beans and earth.  The finish is ripe and savory with moderate tannins. Aging was for 17 months in once-used American oak puncheon and barrels  Retail $33.00 Wine Club $26.40-$28.05  
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Scott Greenberg
November 10, 2020 | Scott Greenberg


We finished the 2020 grape harvest on October 20 and put our last wines in barrel on November 9.  For those who like numbers, here is some fun data about the 2020 harvest:

  • Days of harvest activities: 62 (September 9-November 5)
  • Number of varietals: 8
  • Number of vineyards: 7
  • Tons harvested: 11.5
  • Amount of wine produced: 1,566 gallons or 658 cases
  • Number of punchdowns: 164
  • Gallons of coffee consumed: 12
  • Number of tamales consumed: 6
  • Trips over Snoqualmie Pass: 16
  • Miles driven: 2633
  • Trucks rented: 1
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Scott Greenberg
November 10, 2020 | Scott Greenberg


Now that harvest is over, we can get ready for the busy holiday season, fine-tune our wines and prepare for next year's bottling.  This week we will start malolactic fermentation (ML) in our newly barreled red wines.  This secondary fermentation converts harsh malic acid in the wine to the softer lactic acid.  This takes from one to three months.  Once that's complete, we can top off the barrels and let them rest for awhile.

Bottling will be in February or March, but corks, screwcaps and bottles need to be ordered in the next few weeks.  The red wines need to be blended, so we are doing more blending trials this weekend.  Soon after, we will create the blends and let them rest in barrels until bottling. 

Finally, we are working on some great holiday specials so watch your email and our website for details later this month

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